We Value your Creation, If you've made any Poetry, Shayari, Ghazal or Quotes, Please do Upload them below and reach out to our Global Audience for FREE!

Supported files are jpeg/jpg, png
Maximum file size 1 MB.

Your file will be rejected
  • • If the same poetry or shayari is already available on the website.
  • • If the image size is too low or pixelated.
  • • If the image has more than 1 credit on image.
  • • If the poetry or shayari is below 500 words.
  • • If the poetry uploaded is copyrighted. (Only Non Copyrighted poetry is allowed)
  • • If the poetry has miscellaneous written which can be harmful for user(s).
  • • If the poetry has too many bugs.
  • • If the poetry doesn't makes sense or is absurdly written.

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