WELCOME HOME SOLDIER | poetry related to Abhinandan Varthaman | Indian Soldier

WELCOME HOME SOLDIER | poetry related to Abhinandan Varthaman | Indian Soldier -This poetry is related to abhinandan varthaman real story. how abhinandan varthaman caught by pakistan and how to abhinandan varthaman come back to india. I hope you like and share this poetry !
Brave soldier wounded in Pakistan,
Lost his Mate within the same attack.
Sent back home to the NHS ( National Health Service ) ;
Military Hospitals all closed currently.Welcome home, visit A&E ( Accident & Emergency )
Be patience expensive simply be a part ofthe queue.
Go over there to the lounge,
Wait with the Drunks and also the Addicts to.

No Uniform please just in case it offends?
Welcome home my Soldier friend.

Lost a limb Associate in Nursing Arm or a Leg,
Got badly Burned or Shot within the Head.
You‘ll get your Op twiddling my thumbsexpensive,
Your back home currently, thus wait your flip.

Anyone check you for PTS,
Or Council regarding your friend’s overtime.
Not British previous boy, don’t be thus silly,
Stiff higher lip, pull your self along.

Torn with the exception of your Comrades, ones you relied on,
The only ones UN agency may perceive.
Those who shared all the Trauma and Hardships,
The Dangers the Blood and also theconcern.

Invalided out of the military and back home currently,
How lonely you are feeling with nobody to share.
With nobody to pay attention and nobodyto worry,
About all of the items you saw whereas out there.

Got a rendezvous to visualize the Queen,
At palace no less.
In London these days and feeling thusproud,
Collecting his accolade for Bravery.

With Oxford Street shut at hand,
He decides to go to the outlets.
Gets told to depart at one celebrated Store,
“In case Uniform offends.”

For Queen and Country and a grateful Nation,
The accomplishment Sergeant aforementioned.
It’s nice to be back home once more,
Where the Uniform offends.

Just home from War,
Broken, bruised, battered and scarred by horrors he has seen,
Now he’s back home and also the Uniform offends? ?
Now that’s offensive to American state.

Don’t believe the War, that’s some extentof read,
If you’re within the military you go were you’re told.
Those who have Served merit higher than this,
Respect and care at the terribly least.

Welcome home Soldier from a Pakistan.

I Was Just A Writer She Made Me A Perfect One !

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