Love Vs Lust | the heart touching poetry in english | shayarix 2.0

Love vs lust by shayarix
Love vs lust by shayarix
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The drought kills the thirst
Harvest is a rarity
Dry winds dance in skin deep heat
Leaves abandon trees
Grounds crack in branches
I walk in pain
As needles climb up my feet
My lungs shiver of dryness
My heart pumps like a drum beat
Somewhere under the canopy
Of the velvet sky
A woman in tan
Waving to me
To join her party
Dig and cover
A gravely game
Insecurity permissible
Immaturity formidable
When you incline
Rose isn’t dead yet
But for you to grow them
In a killing field where
Love and lust

PS: Love and lust come from the mind.Its all in the mind and from the mind.Heart is only to make love look so nice and beautiful.Heart only function as a generator to supply nutrients and oxygen to our bodies.If the heart stops, we die.Love and lust is a mind game.It will remain in the brain depend on how serious or critical the amount of love that we have recieved. 
Remember it takes two to tango.Love can not fly with a single wing.

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