LOOKING FOR YOU | sad poetry in english | Shayarix

It must have been on the eve of Christmas
I was living alone at my dad’s home

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It had snowed a day or two before
It was a perfect holiday

For some people
I dressed for the occasion

I put on my boots
Put on a coat

I put on a couple layers of everything
I left my cozy room and walked through the

cold, dark, empty house,
I went outside and delighted in the luminescence of the snow

It lit the night with its creamy, dreamy white
I left the gates of that particular community and strolled through the neighborhood

There was a spot by a large stone
Beside a man-made valley

It burned in my memory
I came to
Found it was empty

I searched across the small valley
For any signs of life
And as luck would have it

There was someone walking away in the distance on the other side

LOOKING FOR YOU | sad poetry in english | Shayarix

Published on 09-Aug-2019 10:10:08

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