LAUGHTER IS THE KEY FOR HAPPINESS | the romantic poetry in english | shayarix

Ha Ha Ha Ha What is it?
Nothing but you need it
It makes us healthy in any manner
This is the benefit of laughter…

It spreads happiness all around
And laughter makes different sounds
While laughing, all hearts get happy
So, laugh laugh everybody…

For staying fit so, laugh for a time
Yes its the part of physical exercise
it attracts everyone from surrounding
And then everybody stares you for a while…

Do you want to play the role of magnet?
Just laugh so, whole world will attract
Let it come the tears of happiness in eyes
Nobody will cry, everybody just enjoy this life…

It releases tension, it releases stress
Let one sound come from your mouth
Ha Ha Ha so, laugh out loud(LOL)….

I Was Just A Writer She Made Me A Perfect One !

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