HAPPY NEW YEAR | latest poetry by Prathmesh Yelne

A year had passed by,
and a new year has to come,
the things all happened in this year,
let’s end it with some fun,

Let’s be sorry for the things went wrong,
let’s be happy for we are now strong,
strong with the adversities we faced,
at the end we had grown..

Growing with every second we breathe,
life is short and sometime we will cease,
cease to exist in this world,
it is the happiness we should seed,

Let’s oath a small thing for now,
we will make atleast a person happy somehow,
spreading the message of love everywhere,
let’s vanish the word ‘hate’ now…

‘Hate’ which destroyed many things in life,
which had cut through many relations without a knife,
the power of ‘love’ is diminishing,
and this ‘hate’ is on the rife..

To make ‘love’ strong,
lets now make the bond,
bond that will never break irrespective of the time,
and tell the ‘hate’ where it belong..! !

HAPPY NEW YEAR | latest poetry by Prathmesh Yelne

Published on 01-Jan-2022 22:54:25

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