Blood Bite | Emotional sad love poetry in english | shayarix

Blood dripping from the fangs
that bite
Clothed within the dark
of night
Discarded prey dropped
out of sight
The Vampire stood

Nightly ventures from
his lair
Cruel dark eyes that hold
and stare
Tempting humans
The Vampire waits

Shadowed by the
trailing leaves
An unsuspecting 
victim weaves
The living heartbeat soon
to grieve
The Vampire stalks

Under the cold dark
waning moon
One maiden’s blood has made
him swoon
Though undead sleep will
claim him soon
The Vampire feasts

Cursing his old
immortal soul
He dreams and wishes
he were whole
Even in death, life takes
its toll
The Vampire sleeps

Sunset comes in the blink
of an eye
Announcing an already
menacing sky
Savouring the mortal
about to die
The Vampire wakes.

I Was Just A Writer She Made Me A Perfect One !

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