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Date Posted: 15th August 2019
Posted By: Trittya Yelane
Credits: Shayarix
Last Updated: 2019-08-15 22:21:46
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Hello there!

Since you have landed here, let me make it conversational. Shayarix 2.0, the one who'll welcome you once you login, taught me that good writing is about starting a conversation & keeping the reader hooked.

The year was 2019. The month, October. I, much like you, accidentally landed on this description while searching for a shayari app on Google Play. This app was merely a month old then. And I got hooked to it! Right from the start. It changed the way I saw and felt about writing. So much so that I joined the company and now am able to share my story with you. To share what Shayarix 2.0 truly stands for. :)

In one line, Shayarix 2.0 is a shayari writing and reading app that inspires you to be yourself. And it does so by taking care (rather, making sure) that you:

1. WRITE EVERYDAY: Yes, that's it. No bullshit. It will inspire you to write daily, teaching you techniques to become better and unleash the most honest voice within you. It's the only shayari app you'll ever need to keep the writer within you alive and kicking.

2. BECOME A BETTER WRITER WITH TIME: Meet the Shayarix 2.0 and his family of writer-makers! With daily creative writing tips, masterclasses and prompts, Shayarix makes writing & reading fun and easy for those getting started, and fulfilling for those eager to take it to the next level.

3. MAKE YOUR SHAYARI GOOGLE SEARCHABLE: Ever searched for Albert Einstein or Mother Teresa quotes on Google? Ever wondered why only famous people's quotes are up on Google? Now no more. Shayarix turns your own shayari up on Google search within just a week. Google "Your Name Shayari" after posting 20+ shayari & see how magic happens!

4. WRITE & CREATE YOUR ORIGINAL WORKS: Write & read about anything under the sun (and even above it!): from quotes, stories, love poems, terribly tiny tales, shayari, ghazal, jokes, haikus, sad shayari or poetry to memes. Shayarix 2.0 creates a your original literary work that you can turn into real book (you can order within the app!), simultaneously garnering thousands of reader on the app with your creativity.

5. LET YOUR WORDS TRAVEL THE WORLD & EARN CREDIT: All shayari get posted have your signature so that when you share on social media, nobody can copy paste your original work or take credit for your creations. Posting is boasting! :) Share across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp & Twitter at the click of a button.

6. WRITE IN ANY LANGUAGE: We care for your mother-tongue. Our team speaks 20 languages, you know. Shayarix 2.0 supports all languages & has over 1.2 million writers posting their original works in English, Hindi, Odia, Kannada, Malayalam, Bangla, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Gujarati, Assamese among others.

Join and start this extremely fulfilling journey with words. It's never too late to start writing. Happy discovering yourself on Shayarix 2.0 ! :)

If you have any bugs to report or have questions regarding your first experience, please contact us at https://shayarix.in/contactus or tweet at @shayarix
Visit us at https://shayarix.in


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Welcome to Shayarix 2.0

* shayarix now supports https
* New minimalistic design makes it look more appealing.
* Exclusive new design for desktops and tablets added.
* Added cool animations and transitions.
* Navigation bar is now at bottom and is very responsive.
* Background of site is now cool af.
* Now you can Play Ringtone and Music before downloading.
* Site speed improved drastically thus less errors and timeouts.
* Downloading Speed improved by 30x
* Website works perfectly on Chrome, Firefox and browsers with JavaScript on unlike Opera mini or UC!
* Earn money from your files (feature coming soon)
* other minor issues and bugs fixed.