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Shayarix 2.0 is a creative website for writers and heartbroken to compose shayari, poems, thoughts, opinions and status on beautiful images and wallpapers. It's a community of real poet admire from whole globe. We have collect the huge collection of heart touching poetry and shayari as well as hindi shayari, Romantic shayari.

Shayarix 2.0 lanched their app on 12th August 2019. We make easy to visit our website and as make is you to user to upload their creativity on shayarix 2.0. Our app available on playstore get it now.

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Shayarix 2.0 announced that its would be launched its yourquote features on may 2019. The user directly share their poetry on shayarix. More than 5000+ People upload their creativity on shayarix 2.0 and the number of people is increase.

Like Button:
The "like" button, stylized as a "thumbs up" icon, was first enabled on February 9, 2019,and enables users to easily interact with status. Once clicked by a user, the designated content is more likely to appear in shayarix. The button displays the number of other users who have liked the content. The like button is extended to comments as soon as. Shayarix 2.0 expanded Like into "Reactions", choosing among five pre-defined emotions, including "Love "❤, "Haha" 😄, " Wow " 😯, "Sad"😔, or "Angry"😠.

Varied We launched new feature to verified shayari or poetry as well as user profile having more than 100k view. Something we can't able to find more than 100k view shayari or poetry then user can contact to us.

Language Translation:
We launched language translation tool on 10th August 2019 as the website have more than 140+ Language. But now only few language are available. More than 140+ Language added as soon as possible.

Our team:

Trittya Yelane ( CEO & Founder )Varied
Co-Founder Trittya Yelane is the CEO & Founder of this website. He is web and android app developer in Karanja (Lad). He loves to do Writing related to Reality, Heart broken & Festival too. Trittya Yelane is one of the most acclaimed celebrity hindi, urdu and English poet and Shayar, indian musician, Singer and lyricist. Trittya Yelane is very well known and loved amongst his millions of fans worldwide for his poetry. He is the poetries as well as best singer too. He was also wrote to many shayari that feel the every one heart. He was inspired the heartbroken people from his shayari and poetry.

Rohan Deshmukh ( CEO ) Varied
Co-Founder Rohan Deshmukh is a CEO of this website as well as writer,poet,storyteller. He worked for renowned Production YFP from Pune. He also directed some of the short films and music albums which published on his own YouTube channel Illegal Productions. He worked as a professional lyrics writer for few movies.

Shreyash Andagonde ( Co-Founder ) Varied
Co-Founder Shreyash Andagonde is the Co-founder as well as graphics designer of this website. He love to make youtube video. His own channel named as 'Infomative Shreyash' on which he upload latest update about our website and android app. His Youtube channel has lot of varities of video and infomation.

Yashwant Taware ( COO ) Varied
COO Yashwant Taware is the chief operations officer of this website. He share the daily operrations of the company and routinely reports to the highest-ranking executive, usually the chief executive officer (CEO). He is Writer, shayar and poet too. He also love write jokes and Quote too.

Amisha Dahake ( CIO )Varied
CIO Amisha Dahake is the chief information officer of this website. She is the graphic designer and script writer of this website. She also writes shayaris, poems and is also a very good singer. But besides this follow her passion as a microbiologist.

Amit Kumar Sachin ( Co-Founder) Varied
Co-Founder Amit Kumar Sachin is Co-founder as well as website developer. He loves to write motivational quotes, shayari, jokes. His own website is which is under 33k alexa rank in india.



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Welcome to Shayarix 2.0

* shayarix now supports https
* New minimalistic design makes it look more appealing.
* Exclusive new design for desktops and tablets added.
* Added cool animations and transitions.
* Navigation bar is now at bottom and is very responsive.
* Background of site is now cool af.
* Now you can Play Ringtone and Music before downloading.
* Site speed improved drastically thus less errors and timeouts.
* Downloading Speed improved by 30x
* Website works perfectly on Chrome, Firefox and browsers with JavaScript on unlike Opera mini or UC!
* Earn money from your files (feature coming soon)
* other minor issues and bugs fixed.